Best Coachella 2018 Instagram Photos!

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Coachella has gotten off to an amazing start and from all the Instagram photos we can tell that the performances and the outfits were even better this year! This years headlines include The Weekend, Beyonce and Eminem! Doesn't get bigger than that! Here are some of our favorite photos from this years festivities! Enjoy!

Kim Kardashian Takes Heat Over New NSFW Instagram Photos!

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Kim Kardashian Takes Heat! Kim has been known to break the internet a time or two with her wild photo shoots, but her latest stunt seems to be getting a lot of backlash.  This week the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star posted a series of highly sexual photos to her Instagram page in which she ...

Text Only Stories from Instagram — Amazing New feature Being Tested!

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Instagram is in a testing phase of a new feature that is probably worrying snapchat. This new type feature shows up as an option alongside the usual features like Boomerang, Superzoom, and Rewind. When the Type feature is selected, users will reportedly get a gradient background for their text-based stories. Alternatively, they'll also be able to use ...

Instagram “Stories” Overtaking Snapchat

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Instagram Direct went live in December of 2013 but has quickly become more popular than Snapchat. In the battle to be the most popular app companies are constantly adding new features. In May, Instagram Direct introduced location and hashtag Stories so they popped up more in Explore. Now, Instagram is taking it a step further ...

Kanye West Deletes His Instagram Account

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Kanye West has been noticeably absent from the public eye recently and for good reason. The G.O.O.D music CEO has been dealing with some personal health issues and has been taking some time away from the spotlight. He was recently missing along side wife Kim Kardashian at the 2017 Met gala. He also did ...

Baywatch Is Being Remade And We Cant Wait!

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  One of the most watched TV shows in history is being remade into a movie and it looks AMAZING! Baywatch is coming to the big screen with an all star cast which includes the one and only Pamela Anderson as well.  The buzz around this film is huge and the cast members are sharing their ...

Ted Cruz on Instagram

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  For the first time, social media is creating a genuine impact in a Presidential election. Current number two in the GOP race is Senator Ted Cruz—and if he manages the nomination or the election, it will prove Instagram and Twitter less powerful than perhaps their followers believe. Ted Cruz on Instagram has suffered considerable mockery and insult. It ...

Instagram Contest at Cannes

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  “WATERINMOTION.” Such will be the theme for this year’s Instagram Contest at Cannes. As to what that means, here are the words from the blog announcement: Water is an inconsistent constant. A liquid. A solid. A gas. It ebbs and it flows. It steams and showers. Even breeds life and takes it away. In any of its intricate ...