Instagram Stories Surpass Snapchat Total User Count!

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Instagram introduced it’s “stories” feature in August of 2016 and it has now become more popular than the app Instagram mimicked. The Instagram “stories” feature has officially hit 250 million daily users surpassing Snapchats 166 million daily users. That is a big feat for Instagram who many thought could not compete with Snapchat at their own game.

The concept behind Stories is quite straightforward – it enables you to share posts that are visible to other users for 24 hours, after which they disappear. Snapchat launched Stories in October 2013, offering its users a timeline-like experience with the app. Instagram launched Stories almost three years later, in August 2016, offering virtually the same service as Snap.

Nonetheless, Instagram Stories has enjoyed an overwhelming success and had pooled 150 million daily users by January this year. Reaching such success in less than six months meant that the count was only going to rise further in the months to come, and that’s exactly what has taken place.

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