The Cutest Instagram Star of All

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Mirror mirror on the wall—and on social media—who is the cutest Instagram star of all? Atthe moment there hardly seems any doubt whatsoever.

His name is Boo, aka Jiffpom, an adorably cute Pomeranian which has taken the world by storm.  Pretty much literally. This unbelievably photogenic canine attended the superbowl, appeared in the Katie Perry video “Dark Horse” and earned more than one listing in the Guinness Book of World Records (winning a ten-meter race on hind legs if you’re interested).

Now Pomeranians have always been cute enough to endanger diabetics. Jiff, however, takes it allthe way up to eleven. He wears costumes, poses in hats and does stunts.  On top of all that celebrities vie to have their photos taken with him.  Including Playboy Bunnies.  He has approximately 5 million followers on Facebook, about half that many on Instagram, has had books written about him and is represented by Zero Gravity Management. False rumors of his death spread waves of sorrow around the world.

Curiously, though, the identity of Boo’s owner/manager seems to upset some of his fans. IreneAhn is employed by Facebook. In other words she’s a social media professional who evidently used her knowledge to increase the famous pooch’s popularity.  But why should this upset anyone? After all, it doesn’t detract from the pint-sized pom’s cuteness or energy or tricks.

Indeed, the most famous dog in the world continues to be as popular as ever, as adored as ever, as beloved as maybe only a living, breathing toy might be. Check out our favorite pictures of Jiffpom!

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