Trending Feet and Shoes

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By its very nature, Instagram tends to follow trends—whimsical fashions of the moment or temporary obsessions. Maybe no one should feel too much surprise at learning Instragram is now trending feet and shoes. Specifically, selfies of feet in shoes on interesting floors (or grounds).
If you want to see what this involves make sure you look up the hashtag #Selffeet or for that matter check out the account ihavethisthingwithfloors which has been getting thousands of photos from fans.
How long will the trend last? No one knows of course, but it does tend to shift our attention away from where our eyes usually roam. Certainly that remains a hallmark of the digital age—to see the world anew? After all, it isn’t as if there is anything wrong with appreciating a nice set of shoes (sometimes sandals). Or an interesting/lovely surface upon which we walk. Or even feet, for that matter.

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