Ted Cruz on Instagram

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For the first time, social media is creating a genuine impact in a Presidential election. Current

number two in the GOP race is Senator Ted Cruz—and if he manages the nomination or the

election, it will prove Instagram and Twitter less powerful than perhaps their followers believe.

Ted Cruz on Instagram has suffered considerable mockery and insult. It all started with his

attempt to get voters to write his campaign slogan for him—with the predictable results of very

insulting suggestions by the fistful. Since then images in particular have become a method of

choice to mock him—photoshopped pictures of his nose so long it wraps around his head,

comparisons between his face and that of Grampa on the classic t.v. show The Munsters

(Grampa was a mad scientist and vampire who dressed up like Dracula). Then there was the

theory he might be the undiscovered serial killer known as Zodiac. Followed by scathing photos

of him with is vice presidential choice Carly Fiorina.

And it didn’t help even one bit when Instagram users realized a young unwed mother on the

Maury Povitch show bore an uncanny resemblance to the junior Senator from Texas.

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