Instagram VS Littergram

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Trademark can be a tricky thing. People in the Deep South still refer to all forms of soda as

“Coke.” Contrary to what many believe, not all copiers are Xerox machines. This can be very

important in terms of market share and public perception, i.e. popularity with translates into

(among other things) profit. Hence the looming battle of Instagram VS Littergram.

But what is Littergram?

Essentially it is an app from the UK, created by a non-profit, allowing folks to take pictures of

abandoned garbage and…well…litter. In Britain this is a serious problem, and Littergram’s

whole purpose is to raise awareness. The goal? To decrease litter and increase cleanliness. In

the last few months it has grown in popularity.

Enter the lawyers of Instagram, insisting the creator change the name within six months. In

essence their argument seems that the words look too similar and…well, there that actual legality

seems suspect.

Danny Lucas, creator of Littergram, is exploring his options, and as far as publicity goes most

folks seem to be on his side.

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