Instagram Star Was Bullied

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Maddelyn Rafferty is not a typical teenage girl in Sydney Australia. For one thing, she has become a celebrity via social media. Interested in modeling from age three, she managed to meet some agents and others in her teens via family friends. Currently she has over eighty thousand followers to her account, making her an Instagram star despite bullies.

Yes bullies. Especially in high school, Rafferty has found herself followed and spit upon by her class mates. She was shoved into a locker, subject to cyber messages telling her to die and calling her names. According to them, she was hated by everyone and they went out of their way for year after year to tell her that.

When she moved to different schools, another group of bullies arose and did the same thing. She finally finished her last year or so of high school at home.

This echoes a similar tale of what happened to Christina Aguilera as she skyrocketed to fame while in high school—and was made a pariah.

Rafferty, who now makes thousands of dollars with endorsements, has also signed up as an official ambassador with the Bully Zero Australia Foundation.

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