How to Report Harassment on Instagram

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One of the saddest aspects of social media is the power and range it gives to the worst forms of

communication. Bullying and stalking make up just two possibilities. So spreading information

of how to report harassment on Instagram seems like more a good idea.

Inside the app itself, simply tap the elipses (they look like this: … ) found in the upper right hand

corner of a photo. This opens a menu. Select Report, then in the next menu select Harassment

Or Bullying. You do have to click that you understand Instagram’s zero tolerance policy, but

after that are two questions. One asks who is being bullied, with the options being “Yourself or

someone you know” and “A celebrity or other public figure.” Select one, and then answer

whether you want this account blocked from you personally.

The process is nearly identical when reporting an account, but you have to go to the account


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