Who Is Stalker Sarah?

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You may or may not have heard of her, but odds remain good you shall—again or for the first time. Recently this young woman sparked a furor after posing with the 14-year-old sister of singer Demi Lovato. For a time threats and counter-threats sizzled across Instagram. So who is Stalker Sarah? And who calls her that?

Well, she coined that name for herself it seems. She assumed it years ago as a nom-de-net and as a way of keeping her real identity secret. Falling into the category of “super fan” (i.e. someone who makes it their business to get as close to their favorite celebrities as often as possible) she currently has well over 150 thousand Instagram followers with almost as many subscribers to her Twitter account.

However, the recent furor over Lovato and her sister seems especially mysterious, because all posts involved have been deleted. Some contained accusations, others apologies, with some seemed to clarify…something. Theories about hackers into the various accounts or faking screen captures using Photoshop bounced back and forth.

At present, the truth remains very much blurred. Certainly not all celebrities appreciate Stalker Sarah and her ilk, while others pose with her comfortably enough. She herself has a way of implying relationships with those she’s met, calling Lovato “my girl” for example. But other than sneaking past security guards, one is hard-pressed to say she’s done anything demonstrably wrong. Or at least illegal.

Fact is—social media is so new the first draft of the rule book hasn’t even been written, much less edited or beta tested.

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