Instagram Changing Its Look?

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Orange and blue. From its inception Instagram has kept with this basic ‘look’ so the application

has either been stalwart and reliable or boring and predictable—depending upon one’s point of

view. However, now a few leaked images present us with a question. Is Instagram changing

its look?

And if so, to what?

From the leaks, it appears the first change is to a straightforward black and white (which should

make the photos which are its essence stand out far more). The icon also—which has long

recalled a basic camera—apparently is altering to a circle which suggests the lens rather than the

camera itself. Likewise instead of a heart-within-a-circle, notifications appear set to simply

become a heart.

Officials at Instagram simply commented “We often test new experiences with a small

percentage of the global community…” implying this is nothing but a try-out of a design.

Which of course also implies a genuine change is in the works either way.

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