Bernie Sanders’ Instagram Campaign

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More than any other so far, the 2016 Presidential election plays out on social media. Indeed, the raw power of the two dark horse candidates of each party—real estate tycoon/reality t.v. star Donald Trump and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders—may at least partially stem from this new factor in communications. This article addresses Bernie Sanders’ Instagram Campaign as well as his social media in general.

Interestingly, Sanders actually has the fewest actual followers in social media of all the remaining candidates in either party! However, a study reveals his followers tend to be more engaged in his campaign, more loyal, more eager to act. Perhaps this had something to do with an attack this week on over half a dozen Sanders Facebook groups, with over a quarter millions members combined, that shut them down for hours. All have now been reinstated, with at least one source of the attacks identified—a rival group dedicated to former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. No proof has emerged of Clinton’s involvement nor that of her campaign.

Also, it should be pointed out Sanders’ social media stalwarts have come under many attacks. For example, a story by Rhode Island Public Radio pointed out what would seem to be unethical or at least dishonest tactics by political campaigns—things like hiring people to post large numbers of negative comments on Instagram, Facebook and the like. Clinton’s officials almost instantly claimed Sanders was guilty of the same. Yet the source quoted never mentioned Sanders in that context.

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